Self Image Part 1

What is self-image and how does it relate to our daily life and success? Self image can be the most beautiful or disastrous part of a person, essentially it can make or break you. I am not saying all beautiful people have a perfect self image and those who are imperfect don’t, its actually not related to your appearance at all.

Self image has to do with the image we give off to others in our body language, speech and physical presentation. A confident individual gives off a positive self-image because they seem authentic. Authenticity feeds human intuition which immediately makes confident individuals more attractive to others. Steve Jobs once said that intuition is more powerful than intellect. So what factors determine confidence?

  1. Self-Acceptance- stand proud and are sure of who you are

  2. How you treat others- SMILE, eye contact, body language

  3. Happiness- no limiting factors, you create your happiness

  4. High expectations for ourselves-increase chances for success

Are you confident? How do you rate your self-image? In the next post I will further get into how to boost your confidence, self-image and success.