Spooky stories for Halloween


It’s Halloween, a dentist’s favorite holiday! I actually love halloween not because of the candy but because it is usually when the nights are getting colder and you know tomorrow at every mall Christmas decorations will be up! So in the spirit of Halloween I wanted to share with you some dental creepy/silly stories to make you shriek!


  • Had a patient come in mortified that her temporaries were neon yellow, when we investigated what she had been eating it turned out to be a turmeric latte!


  • Had a patient come in with a broken tooth in the front.  When we asked her how it happened she said she was riding in the car and she started to drink out of her metal water bottle and then suddenly the driver slammed on his brakes and the bottle slammed into her tooth!


  • Had a patient come to the office with bright orange teeth. With a closer look it was actually her Invisalign trays that were bright orange. She said she had been drinking carrot juice!


  • Have had patients teeth flare up, and pop out of their mouths when flying on an airplane so always make sure to address any dental issues before flying!


  • Have seen some really scary veneers done at other offices :)


  • Had a patient pick up whitening gel and trays for his fiancé and forget to tell her to wear the trays for only 30 minutes and instead she wore them all night long! Needless to say she was in a lot of pain the next morning.


  • Had a patient swallow a temporary while eating and then retrieve it the next day and bring it to the office to be re-cemented.  We appreciated his dedication but threw it out and made him a new one. 

Hope you have a very healthy and safe Halloween!


Sarah Jebreil, DDS AAACD

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