Life Force

What is life force? You will have heard it used frequently if you dabble in the self-help area. Life force is defined as the:


force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength

If we look further, vitality is defined as energy. So what gives some people this great vitality and life force and what makes others lackluster? Recently I signed up for a 21-Day meditation course by Deepak Chopra. In the course he refers to life force and unlimited energy like the energy of a child. He explains that this energy source is not just physical but emotional as well. To often we don’t realize it but our emotional baggage weighs us down weakening our life force and energy. There are a multitude of reasons why you emotionally and physically you may not be living to your fullest and I by no means am a psychologist or dietitian. But I do deal with people everyday and there is one factor I have seen over my 15 years in this profession, people have more energy, vitality and happiness when they feel good about themselves.

For example if someone smiles at you unsure of their smile and its guarded and unauthentic you can feel the low energy and lack of vitality versus someone with a broad uninhibited smile. Your body language reflects how you feel about yourself (your vitality), and has the potential to lift others to your vibration or leave them lackluster.

Working in the beauty/self-improvement field I see first hand how important it is to feel good about your image and take care of yourself. It has been said for years that when you take care of yourself it shows that you respect yourself and then others will too. But I would go so far as saying that when you take care of yourself physically and emotionally it shows your vitality which raises your frequency and that of those around you.

Have you done something for yourself today? Something that makes you feel good and pampered and taken care of? It could be as simple as doing some whitening strips or taking a bath or buying something for yourself, it doesn’t have to be uber luxurious. What’s important is to take care of yourself and do more things that make you happy. If you haven’t done something today, stop reading this post and take care of you! When you take care of yourself you are happier which makes the world a happier place. Namaste.

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