What is beauty anyways?

Beauty is often defined as a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. But what makes some one beautiful? I believe beauty is a marriage of qualities. From a technical standpoint it is balance and proportion, from a health standpoint it is radiance and vitality and from an emotional standpoint it is breathtaking and pleasing to the eyes. There are so many kinds a beautiful but for the time being we are going to explore the beauty of the face.

In this article , a photographer mirrored models right sides of the face and left sides of the face next to each other so that you are able to see how a perfectly symmetrical face looks like. From viewing the picture it is easy to tell that symmetry does not equal beauty. I have patients that often come in wanting a perfectly symmetrical smile, and they will show me pictures of smiles that they like. When we review the smiles together it is often evident that the smiles are not perfectly symmetrical but that they create balance and proportion within the face that creates a more pleasing whole.

Faces are broken down into thirds and fifths:


When one side of the proportion is off , for example if the right outer 1/5 is larger than the left outer 1/5 it is nice to see the smile balance out the facial asymmetry, but we will cover this in more detail later :)

Ok now that we have understood the technical standpoint of beauty lets discuss the vitality and radiance. Below is a picture of Barbie, who’s face is actually perfectly symmetrical, with and without makeup and teeth whitening. We all know Barbie is beautiful, but is she really as beautiful when we take away her vitality and radiance? To me vitality and radiance can also be described as youthfulness and passion for life. When you have a passion to live you just take better care of your self and this can be seen in your outlook on life and in your radiance. Yellow teeth can do two things to your image, decrease your vitality (youthfulness) and radiance.

Finally the emotions behind beauty are the un-written unplanned feelings we perceive when we look at something beautiful. For example you can see someone beautiful and when they talk their beauty fades, or when they talk you are instantly engaged. This emotional part of beauty in people has to do with confidence, body language and self worth. That’s why they always say its what’s inside that counts the most.

That is how I breakdown beauty and I will go into detail in the next couple of posts. Let me know what you think!