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First dates can be super nerve wracking because it’s like going on an interview, it’s your one chance to make an impeccable image for yourself.  It doesn’t really matter if you forgot to put that extra layer of mascara on or if you’re not wearing your favorite shirt because it’s at the cleaners, what matters it your oral hygiene believe it or not.


 Statistics demonstrated in a survey done by Match.com the bad breath was among the 3 most unattractive traits. In another study done by dailymail.co.uk 60% of online daters were more attracted to those with full white smiles than those with yellow or missing teeth.  So what can you do to improve your chances or meeting ‘the one?’  Definitely regular cleanings and check-ups are a must to improve your breath and overall dental health.  Aside from regular maintenance which should be every 4-6 months, a thorough oral-hygiene regime at home is key.  At minimum brushing 2x/day and flossing before bed is key.  It is always great to add in tools like a Waterpik which does wonders for bad breath as well as a tongue scraper.  


While there are many apps out there that allow you to digitally whiten your smile, you want to make sure your photos match the ‘real’ you.  Starting with Crest White Strips are a great way to ease into teeth whitening.. White strips are also a great tool to use while you are getting ready so your teeth will be extra ‘white’ before your date.  


During the date avoid red wine and dark sauces, if it will stain a white t-shirt it will definitely stain your teeth.  Also try to avoid garlic, shallots, onions and scallions.  All of these foods affect your breath and are not easily hidden with gum or mints because they actually come out through your pores in your skin as well. Beware, salad dressings and sauces are notorious for being hidden mines for garlic and onions so always ask for them on the side and test them before soaking your food in them.


It is always great to bring so disposable flossers with the pick at the end to make sure you have nothing in your teeth as well as Colgate’s Wisp disposable brushes and Listerine Breath strips are excellent in securing fresh breath for the goodnight kiss.

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