Drink for Thought

We're seeking dentists and orthodontic experts to give their
opinion about whether straws do prevent tooth staining from food
and drink. 


Straws have often been thought to minimize staining to teeth caused by coffee or turmeric lattes.  The truth is straws can help minimize staining from these offending liquids and foods if the consumer swallows the liquid as it enters the mouth.  A few seconds of savoring the taste on your tongue is enough time to for your saliva to mix and dilute the drink allowing it to pass over your teeth.  Worst case scenario if you do let the drink/food linger, swish with water or brush your teeth afterwards so the residue does not stay on your teeth.


I'm working on a piece about the effective ways to brighten your
teeth and I'm looking for dentists and dental hygienists who
would like to weigh in on the topic. Please reach out if you're
interested and we can determine how to move forward from there.


If you are looking to brighten your teeth, it is important to discuss your options with your dentist.  Depending on your age, teeth condition and underlying tooth color your dentist can determine which method is best for you.  If you are in good dental health and do not have any underlying dental concerns you can always try the OTC whitening strips and see how your teeth react.  This is a great starting point and baseline for your dentist, because from your experience and results he/she can determine which method of whitening is right for you.