There are so many different types of whitening out there which is right for you?  There are many factors that need to be considered before plunging into the whitening pool, such as:


Do you have bonding or crowns in the front?

Are your teeth sensitive to cold and/or have root exposure?

Do you have white-spots on your teeth?

Are your teeth very yellow/discolored?


These answers can all sway your whitening method into a different direction.  If none of these apply to you that’s great you can get great results with almost any method including OTC strips.


For patients with restorations in the front and they are not planning on replacing them, I always like to remind them that crowns and bonding do not lighten. Therefore OTC strips or custom trays with gel are usually the most ideal because they will only go up one shade per application, therefore you are in control of the color.

 For those with sensitivity I love using Kor Whitening because it delivers maximum whitening with the least sensitivity due to their proprietary get and custom fabrication of bleaching trays. 

For those with white-spots, bare in mind, whitening dehydrates the enamel such that the white-spots will become brighter and whiter immediately after whitening.  Make sure to discuss with your dentist how the bleaching will affect the spots and what is the solution to correct them.


For very dark teeth, 1-hour whitening is not enough.  Doing 2 weeks of at-home whitening with custom trays and then a 1-hour in office whitening session is great, I often repeat this 2x through for patient with the really stubborn stains.


Finally it is important that you understand whitening the teeth is not damaging to the teeth, but it is dehydrating.  Be sure to be careful of what you ingest hours after whitening as the color from your food and drink can discolor those pearly whites.  And also, depending on your diet the teeth will stain over time and it is nice to sporadically refresh the whitening you have done months later with OTC strips or take-home trays and gel.


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