Whitening on the go

Whiter teeth always sound like a great idea, but before you whiten you should always make sure you have good oral health.  Whitening is not for those with underlying issues such as decay, infections and root exposures.  Also, if you have restorations on your teeth you wish to whiten they will not whiten.  Intrinsic stains such as white spots on your teeth can become more apparent as well so if you are unsure whether or not you are a candidate for whitening it is best to speak with your dentist before starting.  For those who want their teeth whiter today and cannot go in for an ‘in-office’ treatment, there are some quick ways you can lighten your smile:


  1. Brush with charcoal toothpaste, floss it between the teeth to remove staining between the teeth and then apply a whitening strip or if you have trays apply trays.  By using an abrasive paste prior to whitening you are able to remove stains and prep the teeth really well before whitening.
  2. With home methods repetition is key to receive great results.  Do you feel like you never have time to whiten?  Try doing it in the car while you drive to work and then brushing with a disposable brush like a Wisp by Colgate and rinsing of the whitening residue.
  3. Avoid dark staining foods and drinks and if you accidentally consume something staining, be sure to swish with water or even brush to ensure the offending food or drink does not penetrate the enamel.