Oil Pulling?

Why you should try oil pulling.  Oil pulling, sounds weird, but it is the ancient Ayurvedic process of detoxifying the mouth, teeth and gums.  The thought process is that the oil attracts bacteria and pulls it out of the tissues and teeth as you swish the oil around.  It is thought to improve skin clarity, asthma, and arthritis to name a few.  Also the process of swishing the oil around for 20 minutes is excellent facial yoga and can actually improve muscle tone as well. So how do you do this?  Start with a teaspoon of coconut oil, I like to use one by Skinny and Co because it raw and as an added bonus it has a hint of peppermint. Begin swishing the oil around your mouth pulling in in and out of your teeth and swishing it into all the corners of the oral cavity.  I like to do this while I am getting ready for bed, washing my face and doing the night time skin care routine, or in the morning I start swishing before I get in the shower. When the time is up I spit out the oil and use my WaterPik followed by my tooth brush to remove any residue.  As always results are not seen overnight, but within a minimum of 2 weeks you will start to see results I your complexion, facial tone and oral health, and while at first 20 minutes can seem exhausting for those facial muscles, within no time they will build up stamina.