Turning into a swan

This patient came to our office not happy with her ‘gummy’ smile and not liking the triangular shape of her gum tissue as it transitions to the tooth.  It can also be noted that the lateral incisors are different sizes and the right premolar is set back quite a bit.  She had whitened her teeth in the past and was never able to get them as white as she wanted.  After analyzing her facial structures and seeing what we could do to balance her face with her smile we sent her for consultation with the periodontist for crown-lengthening, a fancy term for ‘gum sculpting.’  When the patient was on board for gum sculpting and 8 veneers prep-less veneers, we placed the temporary which was make from a mock-up of what we want the final shape of the veneers to look like.  She then went back to the periodontist for the gum sculpting. 


After the sculpting is completed we must wait 6-8 weeks for the gum tissue to heal before making the final porcelain veneers.  During this time, the patient was able to ‘test-drive’ the new shape and any changes she wanted to see in the shape we were able to make.  Therefore, we were able to dial in the shape to exactly what she wanted before going to the final restorations.  When the time was ready we took impressions and photos of the approved temporaries and sent the case off to the lab for fabrication.


When the case came back we tried it in and took multiple photos and analyzed to make sure the case was exactly what the patient wanted, and what I wanted, before we cemented the final case. We are all ecstatic with the final results!

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 1.48.48 PM.png