My favorite beauty secret……


Can you imagine a beauty product that acts like a little mini facial? It removes build-up in clogged pores, tightens pores, evens and brightens skin, yes it really does it all. Can you also believe this powerhouse is the cheapest beauty product I own?! What is it you ask?

Amazon healing clay. I have been using it for years. It is made of bentonite clay which is very detoxifying.


The way I do it is I clean and dry my face well. I mix the clay with apple cider vinager until it form a nice paste the is not too thick. I then use a brush, like this one, and paint a thin layer over my face.

Then what? I relax and wait for it to start drying so I can feel it pulsate! Yes you will actually feel your skin pulsate, and to me that mean the gunk is coming out and the pores are tightening up. Once I have had enough and the mask has dried I wash it off in the shower. I have learned this the hard way because the clay can come off thick and clog the drain in your sink.

I always have a nice red mask that is left behind after I wash off the clay. Don’t be alarmed if this happens to you too, it just means the mask did its job, and its gone by he morning.

One last note, try not to layer the mask too thick because it won’t fully dry and you won’t feel the pulsation. This for me was a little trial and error. It is messy overall but its sooooo worth it!


the DL:

Here you can see the mask is still wet on my forehead and right cheek but starting to dry on my left cheek. When it turns chalky is a good time to wash it off.