Living Spaces

Have you been living with spaces you are unhappy with? This patient had braces two times to close the space between her front teeth but the space kept opening. This is very common because in some people the upper lip attaches right between the two front teeth such that every time they talk, smile or chew, this area gets pulled apart.

In most cases, we recommend cutting the attachment so that it moves further up and then closing the space with orthodontics and retaining the area with a bonded wire on the inside of the teeth when the orthodontic treatment is complete. This ensures the teeth will not move apart again. In other instances, the teeth can afford to be a little bit wider and almost prep-less veneers are a perfect solution.

In this case, the patient was not willing to move the teeth for a third time and ready to close the space permanently. We whitened her teeth prior to beginning the treatment. We then tried in the mock up the lab made to simulate the changes we wanted to take place. The patient was ecstatic with the mock up so we then proceeded to fabricate the veneers.

Needless to say the patient was very happy with the final result!

Before and after 2 porcelain veneers

Before and after 2 porcelain veneers