Straight teeth

Ever wonder why we are so drawn to straight teeth and taken aback by crooked teeth? Is it pop-culture or a learned preference that we have been brought up with? In American culture we very in-tune with beauty and the ‘halo’ effect, such that when we recognize a pleasing or attractive quality in another we start to link other positive attributes to that person even if we know nothing about them. Say someone smiles at you with beautiful straight teeth what thoughts come to mind?

Research shows that straight teeth amplify a smile in so many ways. A Kelton Global study found that people attach positive attributes like success, wealth, happiness, health, and intelligence to those with straight


Now we all now they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but here are some true facts about straight teeth:

  • they are much easier to keep clean therefore they are usually whiter and less likely to trap food and stinky bacteria

  • they usually create a nice soft outline with the contrast of the back of the mouth which is more pleasing to the eyes than crowded teeth which with create more jagged lines

  • they are softer on the eyes such that a toddler will associate someone with straighter teeth to be nicer than one with crowding.

So what can you do if your teeth aren’t reflecting your true potential? You can straighten them of course! Orthodontics and Invisalign has improved tremendously over the last 10 years it is very efficient and effective. Of course if you have some really dark teeth or chipping you must remember that moving the teeth alone is not going to give you the smile of your dreams. Sometimes after the teeth are fully aligned a little enhancing still must be done to give you that ‘wow’ factor. Here are some Invisalign cases we have completed. I love doing Invisalign because I look at the patients facial structure and facial dominance and try to balance out the face through the teeth to give more harmony and an overall amazing result.

eZy Watermark_26-01-2019_12-18-07PM.jpg

Here this patient did not like how her smile was jagged and her side teeth were really tucked in. in a matter of 6 months we were able to straighten out her teeth and broaden her smile so she was able to go away to college confident in her image and ready to smile.

img_7433 copy.jpg

This is another case where the patient was really unhappy with the spacing and canting of her smile. In a matter of 4 months we were able to align the teeth and whiten the teeth and enhance them with a little bit of bonding to give that overall ‘wow’ factor. Needless to say the patient is ecstatic with her image and her confidence has obviously increased tremendously.