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Did you know smile transformations not only change the way you look they also change the way you smile. I often times have patients coming in to see us because they hate their teeth and smile and they want to replace everything in their mouth. Being a conservative practitioner I hate to cut any healthy tooth, therefore I always like to listen to their concerns but start with the fewest number of teeth that will give them the most dramatic effect.

Before and After

Before and After

Here is an example:

This patient came in wanting upper and lower veneers because he hated his smile. We discussed doing phases:

Temporaries in place

Temporaries in place

  1. whitening

  2. top 8 veneers

  3. bottom 8 veneers

After we whitening we placed his temps which would mimic the final veneers, he loved them and what they did for his face. Then when we cemented the final case he was so happy with the outcome he realized he didn’t need the lower veneers because he no longer showed the lower teeth as much and the whiter shade from the whitening was a huge improvement.

His natural teeth were so small and thin they did not give his lip support or instruction of where to land in a full smile. His lip needed a place to rest and these new proportional teeth did just that. Balancing the face with teeth that build balance and harmony not only creates beauty but it transforms how you smile and it gives you confidence to smile more.

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