Summer Essentials

Summer is Here!

Whether it feels like summer or not, it has arrived! Whatever you plans maybe, summer always involves warmer weather, a vacation or two and lots of smiles. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks for your summer jet setting whether it be across the globe or across a town or two.


I tend to overpack therefore the more space I can maximize in my suitcase the better. I know most electric toothbrushes have travel kits, but to me they still take up quite a bit of space. I prefer to pack a compact manual brush like this one on a trip. I like it because I will pack it in my purse and use it on a long flight or road trip. The worst thing in the world to me is traveling along distance and having dirty teeth. I want to arrive as fresh as possible. If you are in the marked for a nice travel size brush that will fit almost anywhere check these out:


In addition to a compact brush I like to pack for success. I know myself and on vacation I can get lazy, so to make sure I stick to my normal oral hygiene routine I like to pack floss picks like these. They are super easy to use and I know there’s no reason not to floss when they are around. The are also great to stash in your carry on:


Lastly to avoid eating the processed snacks and sugary delights you can over-indulge on when traveling for long hours, I like to bring my whitening gear. My whitening gear is a set of custom trays and whitening gel that I can wear up to 10 hours (overnight whtening gel). If you don’t have this sort of system you can do whitening strips or another sort of system your dentist offers for the time that is recommended by the manufacturer. For me, when I whiten my teeth I feel pretty and my teeth feel shiny and clean which makes me NOT want to eat anything for sometime to preserve the whitening effects. This is my little secret to not gorging on a long trip, and arriving so fresh and sparkly, let me know what you think!

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