50 shades of teeth

Have you ever thought about what lipstick color is right for your smile?  Believe it or not some colors can be helping you while others can be hurting you depending on your smile.  


We chose two models with completely different smiles so that you can really see the differences with color choices.  The model on the left has smaller teeth and shows some empty space between her cheeks and teeth which we like to refer to as ‘buccal corridor space’ more easily named ‘BCS.’  As you can see, the 1st color lipstick, it is most flattering for the model on the left.  Because she has a somewhat ‘gummy’ smile the lipstick color does not contrast too much with her gums or the BCS, giving her the appearance of a fuller broader smile.  For the model on the right the lipstick doesn’t really help or hinder her smile.


For the second color lipstick which was more ‘plum’ colored and the darkest of the three colored lipsticks, it really accentuates how narrow the smile is for model on the left.  For the model on the left she does have a slightly grey undertone in her teeth as well, therefore this cool colored lipstick also brings out this greyish tone, making her teeth look more bluish.  For the model on the right, this darker shade actually makes her teeth look the whitest.


For the final shade of lipstick which was red, you can see how it makes both models teeth appear the whiter. But once again for the model on the left it still accentuates her narrow arch and gummy smile.  So what does this all mean?


  1. If you have a narrow smile and or gummy smile avoid dark colors.
  2. If you have a greyish color to your teeth avoid cool colored lipsticks.
  3. If you want whiter looking teeth darker colors and red make the teeth look whiter.
  4. If you have a full smile you can pretty much wear any color!


Cheers to finding that perfect shade ☺