Whiter teeth tonight?

Want whiter teeth tonight?  Brush with an abrasive toothpaste, like a charcoal toothpaste, and floss it between the teeth to remove any staining and plaque that may be present. Then apply white strips or trays and use as directed.  By prepping the teeth before applying the strips/trays  the whitening products can really penetrate the teeth to give you the maximum results.


Always brush 2x a day and floss before bed at a minimum.  Flossing at nighttime removes all the food and debris before you sleep and if you do a thorough job you don’t have to do it in the morning because you weren’t consuming anything while you were sleeping.  Its also important to floss first and then brush because flossing breaks up the plaque between the teeth so that you can brush it away.


Another tip is to brush without toothpaste first to make sure you teeth feel clean before adding the paste.  Tooth paste dulls your tongues ability to feel if your teeth are clean or not.


Great tools to keep at arms reach are the Wisp disposable brushes, the Plackers flossers and Listerine Breath Strips. These handy accessories are small and easy to fit in your pocket as well as they ensure your smile and breath are flawless

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