A journey with the end result in mind!

I had the pleasure of working with this exceptionally sweet and beautiful patient. When she first came to me she disliked her dark tooth and mismatched bonding.


During the consultation I pointed out to her that her buccal corridors (green arrows) were narrow creating more emphasis in the asymmetry within the front teeth. She was also missing a tooth which caused her entire midline on the upper to be shifted (red arrow)

I discussed with her doing Invisalign first to set up the proportions so that they are more ideal, bring the side teeth out and try to center the midline as best as possible.

She agreed with the treatment plan so we did Invisalign for 9 months. After she was finished her case looked like the photo on the left. You can still see the unevenness in between the front four teeth due to the old bonding. Due to the old bonding on all 4 teeth we decided to do veneers on the front four teeth and whitening.

eZy Watermark_29-08-2019_09-00-49AM.jpg

Here’s the final result, and the patient is so happy! It definitely was a journey but we were able to get a beautiful result moving the teeth first.

transformationsSarah Jebreil